VireXbuster® Spray

VireXbuster® Spray is certified to create antibacterial active surfaces.
Where applied, the surface keeps disinfecting itself continuously.


Our mission is to develop and engineer chemical products for a hygienically, safer living ambient for your family wellbeing. We create technological driven products to maintain every surface sanitized and germ-free to keep our lives healthier and safer. Our designed antimicrobial coatings provide a fresh and clean space in your home, your workplace and your recreation time.


VireXbuster® Spray is certified having antibacterial surface activity killing 99,99% of the bacteria.


VireXbuster® Spray is highly effective against virus according to FRAUNHOFER INSTITUTE FÜR ZELLTHERAPIE UND IMMUNOLOGIE.
Eliminates 99,9% of the virus.


Up until now, few products currently available on the market deliver a reduction of bacteria and virus living on surfaces in between cleaning. VireXbuster®, however, offers germ-free surfaces with efficacy, durability, compatibility, safety and economy.
Therefore, applying our VireXbuster®, with its antimicrobial coating attributes, to regularly handled surfaces will help reach this goal. Our antimicrobial coating inhibits the growth of multi-resistant germs and virus.
DaXem’s antimicrobial coating is effective for several months. The efficacy of the antimicrobial coating is due to continuous ion emission by the functional new layer. The active product components are organic and metallic substances, foremost silver components, derived and have shown to be safe for human use by independent analysis. The released ions target bacteria metabolic pathways leading to its death, virus are attacked and inactivated.


Looking ahead 10 or 20 years, what can we expect from superbugs if we don’t control them?

We are already in a post-antibiotic era where even simple infections can be lifethreatening. If we do not act to control superbugs now, the number of lifethreatening infections will only continue to multiply.

Conversation about antibiotic resistance and stewardship needs to take center stage to combat this epidemic. Overuse and misuse of antibiotics needs to stop. Education, worldwide, is paramount to making this happen.

Source: Steve Attman  co-CEO of ACME Paper and Supply Company, a regional distribution company for the mid-Atlantic markets and one of the nation’s largest providers of institutional cleaning products and systems. With more than 40 years of experience in disinfection, Attman is an expert in cleaning practices that have proven to reduce health care-acquired infections (HAIs).
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