Technological leap forward:
VireXbuster® passes dermatological test with distinction

Dermatological test passed with the grade “excellent”

Test conducted by the independent laboratory dermatest GmbH (Münster, Germany)

VireXbuster® was tested with standard protocol on a pool of 30 human volunteers

Eschborn, Germany. The independent dermatological institute dermatest GmbH in Münster has certified VireXbuster® Spray. The test was performed according to the ICDDRG Fregert S 1981/ 2nd edition (International Contact Dermatitis Research Group) dermatological test protocol.  dermatest GmbH has certified that the product does not cause any toxic-irritant incompatibility reactions on contact with human skin.

The test was conducted on a pool of 30 subjects (of different genders and a wide age range) over 72 hours.The test was conducted on a pool of 30 subjects (of different genders and a wide age range) over 72 hours.

For DaXem GmbH – the manufacturer of VireXbuster® – this is an important step towards wider acceptance, as the product is also in demand in sectors where full skin safety clearance is mandatory. In areas such as supermarkets or public transport, dermatological testing is required as people (may) hold handles or shopping carts for long periods of time and the surface treatments applied must be safe for the skin.

With VireXbuster®, DaXem offers an innovative product with an unsurpassed self-disinfection function that protects substrates from viruses (coronavirus) and bacteria for up to 12 months.

VireXbuster® is extremely easy to apply and is suitable for virtually all surfaces.

The product is manufactured at production facilities in Bavaria, Germany and is available in 400 ml and 1 Ltr. spray cans. Sampling and information at www.virexbuster.de

COMPANY INFORMATION DaXem GmbH is a German company specializing in antimicrobial coating with long-lasting disinfection properties. The biocidal effect of its products has been certified by internationally recognized institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute IZI and QualityLab BT.