Frankfurt, 28. Jan. 2022:

VireXbuster® Spray was certified today by Dermatest GmbH with the rating: “excellent”.

VireXbuster Spray is now dermatologically tested.

A new Japanese Study shows:
Omicron stays on our skin tissue for 21 hours, and on plastic surfaces for over 8 days
A study conducted by the researchers from the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in Japan has now claimed that the Omicron variant of coronavirus can remain alive on skin and plastic more than the earlier variants of the virus like Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma. The study is yet to be peer-reviewed and has been posted recently on BioRxiv. According to the findings, Omicron can remain alive on the skin for over 21 hours and more than eight days on any plastic surface. This might be the reason why Omicron is spreading faster compared to other strains, the study said.

Source: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.01.18.476607v1.full.pdf >>

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DaXem GmbH is a member of the AMiCI AntiMicrobial Coating Innovator consortium. AMiCI answer to the global challenges of the microorganisms developing antimicrobial resistance. This is especially problematic in healthcare, including hospitals. Members of the AMiCI Consortium offer a readily-accessible platform whereby AMC innovators can benefit from expert knowledge of AMCs, from invention to disposal. This includes microbiology, biochemistry & chemistry, entrepreneurship, intellectual property management strategies, laboratory testing, real-world testing, environmental monitoring, and regulatory affairs support.
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Proactive Approach for Safe Use of Antimicrobial Coatings in Healthcare Settings: Opinion of the COST Action Network AMiCI
Infections and infectious diseases are considered a major challenge to human health in healthcare units worldwide. This opinion paper was initiated by EU COST Action network AMiCI (AntiMicrobial Coating Innovations) and focuses on scientific information essential for weighing the risks and benefits of antimicrobial surfaces in healthcare settings. Particular attention is drawn on nanomaterial-based antimicrobial surfaces in frequently-touched areas in healthcare settings and the potential of these nano-enabled coatings to induce (eco)toxicological hazard and antimicrobial resistance.

Keywords: nanomaterials, silver, copper, safety, healthcare associated infections, ecotoxicity, antimicrobial resistance, risk-benefit analysis
How to respond to COVID-19

And prepare for the next epidemic, too.>>

By Bill Gates

Titanium Dioxide TiO2 is classified as carcinogen by ECHA

Vierte Corona-Welle in Deutschland: Grünen-Gesundheitsexperte warnt vor 1 Million Long-Covid-Opfern >>

VireXbuster antimicrobial coating helps maintaining hygiene even with reduced personnel 

As hotels consider permanently eliminating daily guest room cleaning to help offset worker shortages, one hotel chain has taken the plunge. Hilton Hotels announced this month that its U.S. properties will only clean guest rooms upon request, until the fifth day of a stay.

Hilton luxury hotels, including the Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, and LXR, are exempt from this plan, along with international hotels.

Hotels are defending less cleaning by claiming many guests don’t want housekeepers entering their rooms due to the risk of spreading COVID-19. But critics of this new housekeeping plan say people who are concerned with germs are more likely to stay at an Airbnb, which traditionally doesn’t offer daily cleaning. They are questioning why people would pay the price for a full-service hotel if they’re not getting full services.

Guests expect cleanliness when they check into a hotel. According to an American Hotel & Lodging Association report, guests said enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices was the second most important factor in their choice of hotels, after price. Critics are asking whether hotels are throwing away a key customer expectation to save money.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the country’s hospitality industry is down 2.2 million jobs since 2019, prompting some hotel companies to reduce their workforce, mainly housekeepers.

Rising COVID restrictions >>

Companies are taking the lead in adopting mask and vaccine requirements as COVID Delta cases grow and equities remain resilient. A host of headlines about new policies and restrictions hit yesterday, including New York City requiring proof of vaccination for entry to restaurants, gyms and leisure events. But again, most moves came from private companies.

Tyson Foods will require its workforce to be vaccinated, JPMorgan (JPM) is re-evaluating its back-to-the-office policies and Microsoft (MSFT) is requiring vaccinations for its returning workforce. In addition, Google parent Alphabet  (GOOGGOOGL) has approved 85% of employee requests to work from home or relocate once its offices open, Bloomberg reports.

Source: Seeking Alfa and Bloomberg.

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Hygiene a Top Priority for Americans Returning to Work, Survey Finds

More than one-third of Americans would consider quitting if their workplace was not cleaned properly