VireXbuster® Spray

A single application helps protect against the spread of infectious diseases around the clock and every morning on your shop, office or any public space by disinfection.
The unique and powerful hybrid formula of VireXbuster® Spray’s antimicrobial coating (AMC) components entirely prevent the use of carcinogen like nanoparticles, bioaccumulative heavy metals, aggressive chemicals for disinfection.
VireXbuster® Spray eliminates the spread and growth of those harmful, dangerous yet invisible bacteria and viruses by 99,9%.
VireXbuster® helps you ensure a clean and healthy environment where you and your customers can enjoy carefree time in business and leisure settings.
VireXbuster® and its product components are safe and approved by European Authorities.
VireXbuster® is a registered BAUA Bundesanstalt für Arbeitschutz und Arbeitmedizin (German national biocide authority) product.
International certified laboratories attest to the efficacy of VireXbuster’s® against virus and bacteria.
VireXbuster® is an additional layer of security for your office, retail space, workshops or any other public or private environment and places.
VireXbuster® dries in minutes after having been applied, adding a layer of protection that is invisible, odorless, non-tacky, non-disruptive, non-toxic, non-irritant, no VOCs after application. In contrast, regular cleaning schedules can be kept, and VireXbuster® will not be wiped off even with regular usage of the surface.
It has also silver in its hybrid composition, and these silver ions are transported into the bacterial and fungus cells blocking cell division by binding to the DNA.
Furthermore, silver ions stop the bacterial respiratory system, thereby destroying the cell’s energy production. The bacterial cell membrane will burst, and the bacteria  are eliminated. (1)
Silver has a long history of wound care use, and the safety record of the modern silver-containing wound dressings is excellent and approved by regulatory authorities. Several mechanisms exist by which the body removes excess silver. Our body has several tools of tissue turnover of the silver ion which make harmless to us (in the epidermis and the host metal detoxification mechanisms involving metallothioneins and glutathione occurring in the liver and kidney, where the silver is expelled from the body naturally). (2)
Additional components avoid the formation of bacteria resistance.
In particular,antibacterial surface treatment is an essential part of any hygiene concept. The low-germ condition after cleaning is unfortunately often only a snapshot, and the microorganisms increase drastically again within few hours.
VireXbuster® from DaXem is an odorless, durable and the transparent coating that can be applied subsequently to all types of surfaces. This antimicrobial and antibacterial coating effect last for months, does not show any incompatibility with skin contact and can be integrated into existing cleaning procedures. By applying this coating, a permanent reduction of microorganisms is achieved. It prevents the increase of germs reducing the risk of infection. In this way, hygiene measures can optimally reduce microorganisms between cleaning.


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(2) Lansdown AB. Silver in health care: antimicrobial effects and safety in use. Current Problems in Dermatology. 2006;33:17-34.