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DaXem on Data Protection

Safety of personal data, such as names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses, is a real concern to us. Hence, our web activities are so designed that they comply with the laws on data protection and data security. The sections below describe which kind of information we may collect and how it is handled.

Personal Data

On principle, DaXem follow the approach that protecting your personal data is of the utmost importance to us. Hence, we will not collect any personal data from our websites without your consent. It is for you alone to decide whether you wish to make such data available to us or not, for instance under a registration, an opinion survey or for similar purposes. In general, personal data of this kind we use to answer your inquiries, process your orders or provide you with access to special
information or offers. In addition, it might be necessary within the framework of our customer relations to store, process and, if necessary, transmit your personal data to our associated companies to be able to meet your requirements in a better way or improve our products and services, in that we (or a third party on our behalf) use this data to inform you about DaXem offers which may be of benefit to your business, or carry out online inquiries to meet your demands in a better way.

Data no longer required will be subject to immediate deletion. Of course, we respect your decision not to make your personal data available to us for supporting our customer relation service, in particular for direct marketing or market research purposes. We will neither sell your personal data to any third party nor market it otherwise.

No Personal Data

When you visit our websites, sometimes information is collected automatically (not by any registration), such information not being assigned to a specific person (e.g. Internet browser or operating system employed; domain name of the website from where you set off; number of visits, average dwelling time, number of pages called, etc.).

Our associated companies and our corporation use such information to check the attractiveness of our Websites and improve their contents. “Cookies” – information automatically filed on your computer It may happen that we file information in the form of a “cookie” on your computer to identify it automatically when you visit us next time. Cookies enable us, for instance, to adapt a website of your interest or store your keyword to spare you entering it at your next visit. If you do not wish us to recognise your computer, please adjust your Internet browser so that it deletes cookies from your hard disk, blocking any cookie, or warning you before a cookie is stored.


Children should not transmit any personal data to DaXem websites without the consent of their parents or any supervisory person. DaXem recommends all parents and supervisory persons to instruct their children in the safe and responsible handling of personal data in the Internet. DaXem will not, knowingly, collect any personal data from children, or make use of them in any way, or disclose them to any third party without having been entitled to do so.


DaXem will make provisions to ensure the safety of your personal data. Your data will be carefully protected from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure.

Links to other Websites

Certain links in this Site connect to other Web Sites maintained by third parties over whom DaXem has no control. Web Sites maintained by third parties may not be presented in its own frame on this Web Site. DaXem does not check or support the information, products or services on third parties’ Web Sites. Therefore, DaXem makes no representations as to the accuracy or any other aspect of information contained in other Web Sites. DaXem reserves the rights to change, update or delete the information, products or services including links connecting to other Web Sites contained in this Web Site at any time without separate announcement.


VireXbuster™ is a registered trademark of DaXem GmbH.

Please note

All information about the chemical and physical properties of our products as well as technical advice on their use, whether verbal or in writing, and as the result of tests, we give to the best of our knowledge. However, this should only be considered as guidance, which is not guaranteed as correct and does not exonerate the purchaser from carrying out his own tests and trials in order to assess the practical suitability of the product for the purpose envisaged. The purchaser is solely responsible for the application, use and handling of the product and in doing so must observe all legal and official requirements as well as any rights of third parties. Apart from these, our general conditions of sale and supply are applicable. Our range includes products, which under the law governing chemicals, and regulations on hazardous substances, must be labelled according to their degree of risk. The classification of these products is to be found in the relevant product data sheets or safety data sheets.